About Us

Richland Chamber and Development Alliance is a non-profit organization funded through member investments, city and county support, and various revenue-generating activities.

Marketing the Values, Benefits and Features of the Community

The purpose of the organization is to strengthen the economic base and assist in the growth of new business in order to improve the standard of living in the community.

Building Relationships to Create Opportunities

Activities include promoting area tourism, supporting Chamber members, and operating the Visitor Center. Other activities include networking, education, advocacy, and collaboration to develop the local economy. RCDA also provides meeting space, consultants, and direction for those looking to grow business in the Richland County area.

Creating Value for our Members and the Community

If you are interested in helping Richland County grow, please download the Alliance Membership Form. PDF

Here is the latest News from the Director of The Richland Chamber and Development Alliance.

Board of Directors

Richland Chamber and Development Alliance

Shannon Clark Richland Electric Cooperative President
Dave Guy Richland Middle School Vice President
Robin Cosgrove Capital Wealth Advisory Secretary
Ty Martin Badgerland Financial Treasurer
Cindy Chicker Richland Hospital
Ryan Keller Junction View Dairy, LLC
Buford Marshall Richland County Board of Supervisors
Marie Rakow City Council
Lenny Schaub Alcam Creamery